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Hey there! I’m

Malachi Watson

Actor | Singer | Dancer

Malachi Watson headshot.jpg

About me

I’m a professional performer, trained at Indiana University's BFA Musical Theatre program, and a New York City resident beginning this May. Hailing from Kansas, my love for performing grew in the teen ensembles at Music Theatre Wichita. I also trained at Kansas Dance Academy, where I found a passion for the marriage of precision and process, which ultimately sparked my interest in choreography that I fostered during my high school show choir years and at IU. I have spent my college summers performing at Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre as well as Festival 56 in Princeton, Illinois. At IU, I’ve performed in MainStage productions, found spaces, and been behind the table for a few productions. As a Deans Scholar, I’ve always strived to make the most out of my collegiate years and have fostered my outside interests at the media school and working on the editorial staff of SEASON, IU’s Fashion and Culture magazine. In summation: you can find me where the art is (I’m the tall one with the big smile!)

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